Luxury Soul 2020

As another year almost closes, the highlight of some of this year finest music can be found on the forthcoming 'Luxury Soul ' box set. Releasing physical product in the day when music is so freely available by streaming is a gamble.

Luxury Soul has it's many fans and have bought every one since it's first release back in 2004 to coincide with the Soul Weekender. Back then you would expect to see a Maysa, Frank McComb or track by Leon Ware to get us through the year, since 2012 the covers are now slicker than ever & still very collectable as ever. 

So the 2020 Luxury Soul album has many highlights this year, including some UK Soul chart #1's by the likes of Tyra Levone steppers anthem including Keep On Steppin', Rick Clarke ft Don E Lou Rawl's inspired 'Friends', Terri Green project, Barry White inspired 'It's You' which was also the best track from their current album 'what a Feeling'.

Expansion Records as a label have released some winning albums this year and those tracks are naturally included here by the likes of One Way, Candace Woodson & Rockie Robbins .

Kenny Thomas's other half Francisca Thomas 'Clouds In My Mirror' sings in a winning Memphis styled Nigel Lowis produced style that was included on the #1 DSG vol 2 album.

Toby Walker who's fantastic Soulwalking Website has rated this as his #1 choice song of the year. we are talking Tony Lindsay ' Find The Day' , in fact it's one of my choice cuts of the year also, finding this one time Santana lead singer very comfortable with this jazzy soulful delight.

The Man of the year Cornel CC Carter is thankfully included with the outstanding MetLife remix of 'I see Love' which was also released recently as a 7 inch single on the high profiled  Iziphosoul Records, the original version is included on his latest album AbSoultely which is available also on CD & Limited vinyl. A mighty fine Blue Eyed Soul moment with Bill Henry Band and their current Slow Down single which is included on their album 'Ride', and currently in the UK Soul Chart.

UK's #1 Modern Soul group SouLutions are covering Hot Cuisines 'Who's Been Kissing You?', that was a big success from their current album 'Fate', other covers include Lasperanza's unusual, but classy cover of Gwen Guthrie's 'It Should 've Been You from their album Seeds which was released on Dome Records which also has many highlights and is a true work of art. 

Luxury Soul Fans will be pleased to see Maysa, Tony Momrelle, Incognito, Paul Johnson, Noel McKoy, Glenn Jones, James Day that are stable inductees.

Much more for you to discover here on this 35 track compilation that will stay in our playlists for many years to come, Well done Ralph Tee !

Gary Van den Bussche 

DSG/Starpoint Radio

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