Gary Van den Bussche with Ola Onabule

Gary Van den Bussche who's weekday shows have been one of Soul music most listened to daily Soul Shows on Starpoint Radio - 11 am - 1 pm have a live interview with Ola Onabule.

British-Nigerian singer songwriter Ola Onabule' brings a mix of pop with dignity on this rich collection of originals. Most of the band centers around Jack Pollit/b, PhilMulford/b, Femi Temowo/g, Pete Adams-John Crawford/p and Will Fry/perc  along with some guests, while the themes include some jazzy drumming and bass on "What The Heck," soulful keyboards on the assuring "Ballad Of The Star Crossed" and soulful tenor sax on "Suru Lere."Onabule's voice is rich, confident and ebullient, singing comfortably with African percussion on "Throwaway Notion" and giving a soft lilt on the salsa'd "The Old Story." He can bring the lights down low on a passionate yet soft "Point Less" and ends the album with a lovely "You Can't Depend On Love." There's a tinge in his voice that few vocalists, Jolson, Robison and Pavarotti come to mind, that make each syllable mix a tear and smile. Alluring to no end.


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